Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Galveston Bay Ecosystem Services Annotated Bibliography

Abstract from the document:

The Galveston Bay Ecosystem Services Annotated Bibliography is a compilation of journal articles, reports, book chapters, and other literature intended to provide a general background on ecosystem services including the ecosystem services framework, models, tools, and valuation techniques. This bibliography also reviews many works that are specifically related to the socioeconomics and ecosystems of the Galveston Bay region.

The annotated references were selected from a larger database of sources (currently more than 275) related to Galveston Bay ecosystem services. References that were included in the annotated bibliography were selected based on the availability of the resource for review and annotation as well as the resource’s applicability to the Galveston Bay region. Special care was given to include seminal works in the field of ecosystem services. Resources that describe major models and approaches as well as novel methodologies were also included.