Tuesday, September 27, 2011

White Paper: The Valuation of Ecosystem Services with Relevance to the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed

Abstract from the document:

The Galveston Bay Ecosystem Services Workshop resulted in the creation of a white paper, written to cover, at an introductory level, ecosystem services valuations techniques and, in more detail, case studies. The case studies outline what ecosystem services were valued, why the study was conducted, where the study was conducted, and how the results led to the development of new policies, incentives or markets pertaining to the management of ecosystem services.

The target audience of this white paper is a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders interested in the environment of the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed. A subset of the 10 participants of the Galveston Bay Ecosystem Services Workshop, which included local experts as well as ecosystem service valuation experts from around the U.S., reviewed and contributed to the white paper.